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"A ground-breaking approach to bridging the gap between men and women."

John Gray, AUTHOR OF
Men are from Mars,
Women are from Venus

"This is among the most helpful, complete, and positive manuals for saving a relationship that I have seen. All singles and couples who read this book cannot help but be inspired to "makeup".

Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.

Financial Infidelity by Bonnie Eaker Weil, Ph.D.

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Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil is internationally acclaimed and one of America's best-known relationship experts; named by New York Magazine as one of the city's top therapists. In her two books, Adultery, The Forgivable Sin and Make Up, Don't Break Up, Dr. Weil takes you step by step through a new understanding of infidelity-the unforgivable sin (as many people call it) and teaches you how to repair the damage from an affair and create an even stronger, more loving relationship. Her success rate is phenomenal - 98% of the couples in her practice who experience adultery make up and stay together with Smart Heart Skills.

Find out more about why adultery is a chemical imbalance and can be (MUST BE) treated!!! Dr. Weil ("Bonnie") has developed a biological theory to explain why some adulterers cannot stop cheating even when they want to stop. The "self medication" of the affair is an attempt at physical equilibrium which is why so many adulterers thrive on danger and stress!!! Learn more about this in her brand NEW book Adultery, The Forgivable Sin - second edition. You can order the second edition online now.

Dr.Weil has a three part theory to help explain the occurrence of adultery:

I. ) Adultery is most often the result of an inherited emotional behavior pattern , rather than a desire to be unfaithful. The adulterer is desperately trying to finish his childhood and heal his wounds.

II. ) Many men commit adultery because of psychological distress that comes from confrontation or conflict in their relationship. Men flee from this discomfort to attempt to relieve, self-medicate, and soothe the psychological effects that conflict produces in them.

III. ) Some people who have experienced severe stress, loss or separation from one or both of their parents at an early age often suffer an impact on their hormones that affects adult relationships. This hormonal change results in a bio-chemical craving for connection vis a vis an affair.

Additional observations Dr. Weil has made about adultery include:

  • An affair is a cry for help. It shakes you to wake you. Only people who are in some kind of emotional pain commit adultery
  • The affair is not the predominant problem in the relationship but rather a symptom of mutual disconnection, emptiness, and a lack of intimacy in the relationship that the affair is masking.
  • An affair is a triangle to avoid or deny problems in the relationship that must be faced and resolved. Two people in a relationship unconsciously collude to have an affair.
  • An affair is not therapeutic in the long run. You cannot fix what's wrong in a relationship by adding another complication. It only gives you another problem.
  • The goal of healing comes from both the betrayed and the betrayer accepting and taking responsibility for the affair. They should envision an "equal sign" between them, both seeing their part
  • For many couples, adultery is the necessary obstacle they must overcome in order for them to stop being polite and start fighting so they can have passion and learn to communicate, to be intimate, and to connect and bond.

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Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil

Dr. Bonnie
Eaker-Weil, Ph.D.

is one of America's best-known relationship experts and author of the books Make Up, Don't Break Up and Adultery, The Forgivable Sin. She has appeared on the Today show, Oprah!, A Current Affair, The View, Sally, Ricki Lake, Montel, Maury Povich, and Extra.

Her work has also been featured in Good Housekeeping, The New York Times, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, Ladies Home Journal, New Woman and Maxim.

Dr. Weil has a thriving practice in New York City, consults by phone all over the world, and is a distinguished lecturer and consultant. For more information regarding telephone relationship therapy sessions, personal appearances, lectures and seminars, she can be reached at:

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Understanding Adultery | Confessing an Affair | Confronting an Affair | Dealing with the Anger

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